In addition to private lessons, St. Cloud Music Academy offers an ensemble program, in which students are placed into performing bands. For more serious students aspiring to become performers, the Ensemble program is perfect. Students are placed into groups based on age, ability, style of music and availability. Joining the Ensemble is a great, fun way to provide an incentive for the student to practice. Students have an exciting goal to be ready for the live show date! Band members collectively agree on the songs they want to play. Through the practices, students learn how to cooperate with other members of the ensemble in a constructive, yet very positive, fun approach. The live shows allow these students to show off their talent and what they are good at! St. Cloud Music Academy has performed at many local venues including: The Pioneer Place Theater, Paramount Theater, Benton County Fair, Calvary Event Center, and Hams Music Shows. Fall/Winter ensemble runs September through April. Summer ensemble runs May through August. The Ensemble program is an additional $100 per month for 1 hour sessions once per week. Ensemble classes are available Monday through Saturday. Students wishing to join Ensemble must be currently enrolled in private lessons. Please note, due to growing popularity, Ensemble is limited enrollment based on teachers recommendation. Six months of private lessons is generally recommended before joining Ensemble.

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