"I had heard about St. Cloud Music Academy through a friend once they started teaching here.  I had no idea such a place exisited in our community! Once I came in to check it out, I signed up for vocal lessons immediately.  The environment is friendly, upbeat, and condusive to a great learning environment! I love coming in and being greeted by all of the smiling faces and happy students.  I would reccomend this academy to anyone who is interested in growing with their abilities, as well as being in a wonderful environment!" Sarah G.

"My daughter started out taking guitar lessons at a local music store here in St. Cloud. After a couple months of lessons I began to become frustrated with our teachers lack of professionalism. A coworker suggested we try St. Cloud Music Academy. I was immediately impressed with Brian and the organization of the lessons. We were able to discuss several teacher and scheduling options. My daughter now looks forward to her lessons and is considering joining a band this Spring. I would recommend St. Cloud Music Academy to anyone looking for a consistent, structured program." Vince Lynch

"Taking guitar lessons was something I wanted to do my whole life. At forty-nine years old, I finally decided to go for it. My first teacher was Brian Helmin. I was nervous at the first lesson, but was amazed after the first couple of months to already be playing! My confidence grew stronger and I kept progressing. Then my schedule changed, and Brian did not have any openings that worked for me. He suggested I try a different teacher. Once again, I was nervous but decided to try a new teacher. I was very impressed with the new teacher as well and am still with him ten months later. I also signed up my daughter. I think St. Cloud Music Academy has a great staff of teachers." Thomas Barthelemy

"I have two children who go to St. Cloud Music Academy and they love it! My daughter loves the way she can ask Brian lots of questions. The why and how of what she does. She has learned so much. She even wrote her own song and performed it last spring."

"My son has switched from acoustic to electric guitar and it is so nice that there is a variety of teachers available for whatever you may want to learn. Brian is so good at working with us, as parents, to find the best fit between student and teacher."

"This summer, my son started playing in an Ensemble group. Not only does this give him a fabulous way to learn how to be in a band, but when he gets to perform, we get to see how it increases his self esteem and confidence. He also got to write and perform a song he wrote. He loves it so much, we have decided to do the Ensemble group year round." -Michelle Goebel

"We have had great experience. My daughter's teacher is wonderful and has amazing patience in teaching young students. The owner, Brian, was extremely helpful in getting everything set up. Compared with my experience with lessons in other programs, I think St. Cloud Music Academy is more flexible in really tailoring the lesson for the individual." -Theresa Lau

"I would recommend St. Cloud Music Academy to anyone looking for quality lessons. The teachers go the extra mile to make sure your child learns and has fun at the same time. My child's confidence has grown since starting piano lessons." -Nathan Kuebelbeck

"The teachers are great, friendly, helpful, and most of all talented! Our boys have learned so much from Brian and his staff!"

"I would recommend St. Cloud Music Academy to anyone who wants to learn or progress their talents in music.  When my wife and I contacted Brian about enrolling our two sons in the ensemble program and lessons six years ago, we never imagined that they would be playing in a band and performing "gigs" at ages 15 and 14. Once again, it's because of the great teaching recieved from their instructors." -Kurt and Joyce Zimmerman

"When I first came to St. Cloud Music Academy, I didn't know what to expect. I started out with my worship leader at my church but then had to stop. He recommended us here. I have had two other teachers before I started out with Brian Helmin and I have been with him ever since. I have learned so much from him that he recommended me to be in an ensemble so I said, "yeah I'll give it a try and it's the best thing I could've done. Performing at recitals is so fun too, I recommend it to anyone enrolled in lessons! Brian plays drums, guitar and bass and has taught me everything I know about guitar. I love it here and I recommend it! It's the best music academy you'll ever find in St. Cloud!" -Molly Ophoven

"I signed up for guitar lessons but my teacher can also play drums. One day I asked if we could play drums instead of guitar, and we did. Now I play both." -Riley Valentine - Student

"Sometimes I'll show up with a new song I've been working on. My teacher will play the rhythm part while I solo. We just jam the whole session!" -Tim Pierson - Student

"Although our daughter loves her guitar, enforcing practice time was always a challenge. Once she joined the performance program that all changed. Now she is excited to practice in anticipation of the spring show." -Melissa Harne - Mother of students

"It was cool being in a real studio to see all the gear. My bands demo sounds like a real cd." -Andrew Guhlke - Student

"After comparing all of the music schools in the St Cloud area I decided to enroll both of my children at St. Cloud Music Academy last fall. Both of my children love music and the one on one attention they receive at St. Cloud Music Academy is by far above excellent. Brian and his teachers are friendly and willing to work with our availability, and the option of group make-up lessons make it easy if we need to miss a lesson. I would highly recommend St. Cloud Music Academy!" -Beth Nelson

"My son has been taking lessons at St. Cloud Music Academy since they opened, he was one of their very first students. Since he began taking lessons with St. Cloud Music Academy his grades have improved, his confidence is increased and his knowledge of music is incredible. Brian has always been very easy to work with and his school has grown significantly over the years backing up everything that is on their website. The education your child, or you yourself can receive from the instruction at St. Cloud Music Academy far surpasses any other music school around. I have highly recommend them to numerous people and those who have joined have sought me out to thank me for sending them to St. Cloud Music Academy. If you or your child has a desire to play an instrument or just needs to get involved with a new activity, St. Cloud Music Academy is the place to go!" Emily Campbell